Please note that the rules are being changed and enhanced. Also, you will get warnings before blocks.

Here at Disney Channel Series Wiki, we have a system of rules and the following page has them.

  1. No using bad words.
  2. No innapropriate comments
  3. Name Calling is not acceptable
  4. No making fun of anything on Disney Channel Series wiki or you will get a warning, and then if you continue, a block.
  5. If you are to give the ending of a movie or TV episode, put a SPOILER ALERT at the beggining and a Spoiler alert ended at the end.
  6. If you have ever been blocked on this wikia, you CANNOT be an administrator.
  7. If you are writing an article on a song, if you have them, please put the lyrics on the page.
  8. Only administrators can change the main page.
  9. When you create an article, don't just write gibberish! Also, do not write your personal feelings. I will not mention names, but whomever created the article on Selena Gomez said that she was cute and al that. If you are going to write that, please write it on the Talkpage!
  10. You ARE allowed to copy off of Wikipedia and other wikias

More rules will be made.


To get the User Page of the month, admins will look at every User Page and pick the one that is most colorful, has pictures, video, and whatever. A person can be voted more than once. For longest talkpage, well, you simply have to have the longest talkpage, but you can't expand it or fill it with your own messages. Archives count. And lastly for most colorful signature, it just simply has to be colorful and funny. New awards will be posted every month.